Tribute to Sr. James

Our dear loving Sr. Mary James,

Today, our hearts grieve as you have left us for the eternal shore. Remembering you is sweet memory; missing you is heart ache that never goes away. With deep sorrow in our hearts, we present a bouquet of tribute to you, beloved Sr. Mary James.


Yes,              Serenity was your personality                                   

Tranquility was your eminence

Calmness was your ornament

Kindness was your gesture

Gentleness was your mannerism

Prayerfulness was your authenticity


You are a person of strong faith; remarkable is your selfless service to the congregation, a good religious so simple in all the ways, a strong pillar of our FSM family, an eminent spiritual leader, a loving- compassionate mother and an excellent religious to be admired at. Your giving without a measure made you to be our treasure and Your goodness can’t be expressed in words as it has filled to the brim of our hearts.

You were a teacher to all things; you were strong in faith, in sprit and commitment. You relished good things including art and music. Poor were your obsession and kindness was your watch word. We admire your personal love for each sister. Really we have lost a valiant religious so simple in your ways and great in Franciscanism. Indeed you are a true daughter of St. Francis and Mother Marie Virginie in following the spirit of Lady Poverty.

Summing up your life we keep coming back to one thought never will we meet a sister, who lived more faithfully her vocation, her values, spirituality and commitment. And it is very hard for us to forget someone who gave us so much to remember.

Though we are far away from you, with eyes of faith we visualize your last journey from earth to heaven. And we are sure that we have you an intercessor in heaven. With heart full of mourning, mind full of memories and eyes full of tears we say good bye to you dear sister until one day we shall see each other in our Father’s abode.

Sr. Miriam and all the sisters of Bangalore Province