Our Vision & Mission

Remain always simple and least: You have been created to look after the humble and the least.
We dedicate ourselves to works of Mercy & Education To protect and promote the life and dignity of the poor and the marginalized, children, young girls and women, by being the voice of the voiceless, in a spirit of sister and servant.



The Vine of God planted by Marie Virginie in the foundation of lively faith, unpretentious and determined will could not but spread its branches beyond the frontiers of France. Soon the Franciscan Servants of Mary felt themselves called to leave for India.

It was at the invitation of Bishop Henri Prunier, then the Bishop of Salem, that then the Superior General Mother Marie Suzanne with her deep faith and dauntless courage accepted to send six sisters to work in the Diocese of Salem, at Krishnagiri, a little village in then Salem district. The six valiant missionaries: Mother St. Cesaire, (who on disembarking said that she would never return to France and kept to her word) Mother Marie Eugenie, Sr. Antoine Marie, Sr. Isabelle, Sr. Marie Francois and Sr. St. Paul set foot on Indian soil on November 28, 1934.

The little seed planted on the soil of France sprouted slowly. There were calls from India: hence the number of houses grew in the measure that indigenous vocations knocked at our doors. The Novitiate was opened in 1947 at Mangalore. Today, India has two provinces – the sisters of Bangalore Province render their service in 31 houses located in 5 states in 13 dioceses while the sisters of Varanasi Province work in 14 houses, disposed in 5 states in 8 dioceses. The Indian mission has also extended its services to France, Madagascar, Chad and England.

Who We Are

The Institute of the Franciscan Servants of Mary is a religious Institute of Pontifical right. It was founded by Marie Virginie Vaslin in 1852. It was approved by Msgr. Pallu du Parc, Bishop of Blois, France. On 25th March 1856. It was integrated into the Franciscan family and adopted the Rule of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis of Assisi on 17th September 1864.