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First Profession 29th June 2018
Posted On : June 29, 2018

I extol you O Lord for you have called me out of many and drawn me up to love and serve you. 

As the day of joy has dawned with its splendor, we extol the name of the Lord for His Mighty deeds in our lives. Dear fathers, sisters, brothers and friends, a grace-filled morning and a warm welcome to all of you  present here to solemnize this Eucharistic celebration.

It is a day of great joy to rejoice in the Lord for He has chosen six of us to be His ambassadors. We are immensely grateful to God for the precious gift of our vocation. As we come into His Divine presence, we are convinced of our call.  It is His grace that has formed, directed and strengthened us in His love to remain faithful always and to be holy and joyful in our commitment.

Lord your call is a call to holiness in joy. Yes, Holiness is the goal of those who embrace religious life. We are called to be holy by living our lives and by bearing witness in everything we do, says our good Pope Francis. The challenging call to religious life is to reflect on His divine presence and to witness Him through our lives. And to bear abundant fruit in this challenging world, pruning is required. The interventions of God enabled us to go through this painful process of pruning during our formation especially these two years of our novitiate life. As we recall the moments of grace in our journey, we wonder at God’s constant fidelity, support and guidance in our lives. God our Good Shepherd has led us to the green pastures through a number of 

experiences. We were exposed to the realities of life in order to understand the cost of discipleship. Our encounter with God hasconvincedus to say yes to Himand today with deep faith, zeal and enthusiasm we offer our life to the Lord and to His service. So dear friends, we ask you to join us in prayer that we may remain ever faithful to Him and witness His love to the world through our committed life.

On this auspicious day, we are indeed very glad to welcome Rev. Fr. James Niravath, Rector of the Carmelaram Theology College, as the main celebrant. We are happy to welcome all of you dear

 Rev. Fathers, who con-celebrate this Holy Eucharist for us. Weextend a warmwelcome to all of you dear brothers, sisters, parents, relatives and friends. As we partake in this banquet of love, let us pray for God’s blessings upon each one of us. May Sts. Peter and Paul, the pillars of the Church be our models in our consecrated life and let their faith, suffering, courage and preaching empower us in our mission.