Franciscan Servants of Mary

Franciscan Servants of Mary


Franciscan Servants of Mary

Vision & Mission

“  Remain always simple and least: You have been created to look after the humble and the least.”

                                                                                           Mother Marie St. Clare (Marie Virginie)


Called to be partners of God

 Trusting in God’s Providence

 Grounded in His Word

 Clothed with His love and Compassion,

We, the FSM renew our desire

 To walk in the foot-steps of Christ as Marie Virginie did

 To perform all our actions in simplicity, under the gaze of God

In the Spirit of Sister and Servant.



We dedicate ourselves to works of Mercy & Education

To protect and promote the life and dignity of the poor and the marginalized, children, young girls and women, by being the voice of


the voiceless, in a spirit of sister and servant.