Jyothi Sadan, Bhaiswahi

Jyothi Sadan, Bhaiswahi


North Province

No of Religious : Nil

The boat that stays in the harbor never encounters danger but it also never gets anywhere. So, the FSM took a leap from Varanasi diocese to Jabalpur, Baiswahi. It is a village filled with forests and mountains, where there are neither proper roads nor communication facilities. Most of the people are tribals, very poor and illiterate.

The mission stations are 40 to 50 kilometres apart from one another. Seeing the urgent need of the people for humanitarian services and evangelization, in 1994, the Most Rev. Dr. Theophine O.Prem, Bishop of Jabalpur, invited us to his diocese. He offered 2 places for 2 communities at a time. One in the remote village, Baiswahi and the other one in the heart of the city.

There was a house which was completed for the employees in which sisters began their life on February 11, 1994. Sisters Josephine Mary, the animator, Prabha and Prafulla Kujur, were the pioneers of this community. The tribals were very hospitable and welcoming. Since they had no conveyance they brought the patients in a basket.

In October 1995, the Health Centre and the convent were shifted and inaugurated. The sisters began their mission work by visiting villages and caring for the sick. As the years went by, the fathers began a boarding for the poor children and sisters were teaching and cared for them. At present the boarding for the girls is built and given to us by the diocese and we look after them replacing a mother.

The sisters are also fully involved in the parish activities and pastoral and catechetical work.