Khrist Seva Ashram, Rasulpur

Khrist Seva Ashram, Rasulpur


North Province

No of Religious : Nil

The Mission of Khrist Seva Ashram was under the able care of Rev. Fr. Dilasa I.M.S. a zealous missionary. On the June 20, 1971 the house was blessed.

Actually, this house was the Servants’ Quarters where previously priests stayed. The beginnings were hard: not being fluent in the language, extreme heat, change of food, sickness, etc.

Sr. Prabha was the animator. The heat of the north was too much for Mother Marie Eugenie and to her great regret she was obliged to return to the south after a short period. Sr. Kiran was affected by an epidemic fever and was also very sick. With her recovery, the sisters became fully involved in their mission.

In 1972 when Sr. Nirmala came to the north she took charge of the dispensary. This was given to us especially to maintain the girls’ boarding which was looked after by Sr. Kiran.

Since the villages are very far the sisters used to go by bicycle. Sisters took turns to go to the villages, they would go in the evenings and gather the people for catechism and Mass and dine and stay with them and early in the morning return as they had to attend the school. Slowly, ‘Mahila Sangh’ was started and the women of the village became very active and vibrant

Today, we have Higher Primary School with classes up to VIII Std, a boarding for the girls and a well furnished dispensary known as ‘Nishkalanka Matha Dispensary’ which is a great solace for the villages far and wide. There are also reach-out programmes in the villages.

Sisters conduct camps, awareness programs and street plays to make the people become more aware of their rights and duties. Health camps and free medical check-ups are being done regularly to give clear knowledge of diseases and home treatment. Self Help Groups (S.H.G.) is organized and people are taught to make small savings.

There are 80 S.H.Gs at present and 20 community based organizations which are active in the villages. People are encouraged and motivated to send their children to school, especially the drop-outs.

Books and uniforms are provided for the needy children. Sisters are involved in the parochial work too.

This mission is indeed a blessing to the people around and the sisters still keep up the initial spirit and the work that is entrusted to them by the Lord.