Mahila Sadan, Jabalpur

Mahila Sadan, Jabalpur


North Province

No of Religious : Nil

You have a mission which nobody else can fulfill. With this thought our sisters started their journey on July 19, 1994 and landed in Jabalpur diocese, in the state of M.P.

The house which was given to us is in the heart of the city- cantonment area. The pioneers of Mahila Sadan were Srs. Tara, the animator, Srs. Prabha and Daisy Paul.

God’s ways and blessings are unique. The purpose of our coming to this place was to render care and service in the hostel which was newly built by the diocese, for the welfare of the Adivasi girls from different remote villages. This hostel provides shelter and safety for the young girls who come to the city for work and education.

It is also the ‘mission house’ for the sisters of the mission stations of the diocese who come to the city for various reasons. Mahila Sadan is always house-full and our sisters’ selfless services are remarkable and appreciated. It is also a ‘fuelling station’ for the FSM who travel from north to south and back.

Two of our sisters teach in two different schools of the diocese which are near by. Sisters also take part actively in the parish work such as catechism class and pastoral assistance at the Shrine of Mother Mary.