Maria Seva Niketan, Parjipah

Maria Seva Niketan, Parjipah


North Province

No of Religious : Nil

Our mission in Parjipah started on October 23, 1986 in a rented house in the village itself. Sr. Josephine Mary was the superior; Sr. Daya and Sr. Priska were her companions. Fr. Wilfred was the mission in-charge. Under his guidance they were well nurtured in their spiritual and pastoral life.

The sisters were involved in the parish work, evangelization, home visit, conducting family prayers, caring for the old and the sick, taking tuition for children, conducting vocation camps, etc.

Until the dispensary was ready sisters cared for the patients on the verandah of their house. Later on Fr. Wilfred’s residence became their convent and adjoining to the residence he constructed a dispensary too. In 1988, Rt. Rev. Bishop Patrick D’Souza blessed the dispensary and the convent. The convent was given the name ‘Maria Seva Niketan.’

Fr. Wilfred generously offered a portion of the parish land for their cultivation of wheat, paddy, mustard, etc. After sometime with the permission of the Bishop, Father built a school which is aided by the government and two sisters work in the school. People are encouraged to send their children to the school.

The dispensary helped the sisters to create good rapport with many of the surrounding villages. It is known mainly for cases of safe delivery and treatment of poisonous snake bites.

Regular health check-ups and school medical camps are conducted to help the poor children. The nurse sisters take health education classes for the children every month.

The sisters have formed 29 SHGs with the support of CRD. Most members of the groups have already opened a bank account and have found 15 CBO (Community Based Organization) which take up issues of the villages and make use of the resources available through government schemes.