Shanthi Niwas – Shahganj

Shanthi Niwas – Shahganj


North Province

No of Religious : Nil

The mission in Shahganj was started on the 29, 1974 by three sisters. Sr. Prabha as animator, Srs. Anna Maria and Geetha as the pioneers. To begin with the sisters lived in a small building which was attached to the hostel for boys. Six months later they got a building in the corner of the compound which was the Servants’ Quarters. A small piece of land was given to them to cultivate wheat or paddy for their maintenance.

A dispensary was started but as it is a town, people preferred to be treated by doctors and they had to close it down.

A primary school in the English medium up to classes III belonging to the diocese was looked after by our sisters but the number of students was only 95. In 1977, reading the signs of the place, the management converted it to Hindi medium and it began to flourish and the number of children shot up.

Today, there are seven sisters in the community who work primarily in the education ministry, giving extra guidance and care to the weaker students by coaching, and looking after the spiritual needs of the boarding children. By their selfless dedication the sisters continue to work for the children of the prominently non-Christian area. Besides the education ministry, the sisters are engaged in parochial work and visiting the neighbourhood.