Snehalaya, Devgaon

Snehalaya, Devgaon


North Province

No of Religious : Nil

Answering this call of Jesus the FSM turned towards the poorest area of Jharkhand State at Devgaon. Rt. Rev. Paul Lakra, Bishop of Gumla Diocese invited us to this vast pasture.

A new community was formed on June 29, 2008. Sr. Rashmi the animator, Srs. Assunta Kiro and Tresa Masih were the first members of the community of this new venture.

The people are very happy to have sisters in their village. They were like sheep without a shepherd. Any beginning is always hard and so also at Devgaon. The sisters have to walk seven miles to board a bus and other problems like no water and no medical facilities, etc.

They began to reach out to the people lovingly and enthusiastically. A lot can be accomplished by crossing the bridge in our life journey

One sister works in the parish school where we are given a post. The sisters are also engaged in health care in a modest way. M.C.H. is another means of helping the people. The sisters are not afraid to do any sort of help for these under privileged people of God.