Provincial’s Message


1st December 2018

My dear sisters,

Greetings of peace & Joy to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Today we begin the season of Advent, in the liturgical year. In the Gospel reading of the 1st Sunday of advent Jesus prophesied about the Chaos that would take place in the world before the arrival of the Son of Man. There will be strange things happening to the sun, the moon and the stars…. (Lk 21: 25- 28, 34- 36). Apart from the natural calamities which will disturb the whole world, Jesus spoke of the violence, hatred and killing which will be witnessed on earth. But Jesus assures us his disciples of the active presence of God in the midst of crisis and Chaos. In the midst of earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, floods and other natural calamities that we see in front of us, God is actively present.

As the incarnation of Jesus manifested His glory and power, we need to witness to the dynamic and life–giving presence of Christ in the world today, especially in our vicinity: in our communities, in the places of our ministries, in our neighborhood …….. It is here the mission of the disciples becomes necessary and relevant. Yes, our mission is to instill hope, to increase self confidence and help to build a positive attitude in people. THE WAY TO DO SO IS BY OUR WITNESS!

The Russian Czar, Alexander, used to love to disguise himself and mingle with his people to hear what they had to say. One night he visited the army camp. While passing a tent he saw a young soldier sitting at a table with his head on his arm, sound asleep. The Czar tiptoed to the back of the chair and looked over his shoulder. There on the table before him he saw a loaded revolver. Beside the revolver was a sheet of paper with a long list of gambling debts. After seeing the total, the Czar noted a sentence below the figures saying, “Who can pay so much?” Suddenly the Czar understood the situation. The young officer had gambled away all he had and was about to take his own life for fear of not being able to meet his debts. The Czar took up the pen and below the young soldier’s question wrote the words: “I, Alexander, Czar of Russia.” Quietly he turned away and went home. The next morning the young officer woke up and immediately took hold of the revolver when suddenly he saw writing on his letter that he had not put there. He read the words of the Czar and in amazement he dropped the revolver. At that moment a messenger came to his tent with a bag of money from the Czar. The young soldier’s debt was paid, and his life was spared.

In His love and by His grace when God saves us, he does for us what we could never do for ourselves – salvation, newness of life and intimacy with our Father. This grace, as Paul himself calls it, is the ‘gift of God.’ God’s grace is a saving grace, sustaining grace, strengthening grace, sovereign grace, securing grace. There is a reason he saves us by grace and leaves us here. We are here for a purpose and that purpose is to help others see what his grace has done for us so that they can experience it for themselves.

My dear sisters, let this season of rejoicing be echoed in all our being; saying ‘Maranatha, come, Lord Jesus, come! Let us be cautious in our spiritual living so that we will not miss to see Christ’s coming into our lives.


Sr. Miriam