Blessing of St. Clare’s, Convent,

Hospital Community, Krishnagiri

On 17th December 2022

The bells are ringing to awaken our joyful hearts to celebrate the time of grace and thanksgiving.  Celebration brings a sense of joy and exuberance.   Let the earth resound with laughter and joyous songs because today’s celebration is a milestone in the history of FSM.

An exhilarating joy fills our hearts and the entire place, by the valuable presence of His grace Most Rev. Dr. Lawrence Pius and Rev. Dr. Legrand, our good shepherds whose constant support and encouragement accompanied us in our spiritual journey.  Today their presence adds  spark of bliss to this remarkable event. 

God in his goodness gives us special occasions to remember, to recall, to treasure and to celebrate His immense love.  On this special day my heart throbs with joy, as festive atmosphere prevails by the presence of our beloved superior general Rev. Sr. Reetha Paul, who visualized her dreams into new realms of reality, in creating an aura of precious memories coupled with joy and gratitude in the annals of the province, I accord a special warm welcome to our superior general.

Blessed and privileged are the F.S.M. in Krishnagiri as we replicate our house.  In 1934, the Bishop of Salem, the French Missionary Monsignor Henri Purnier placed a request to Mother Marie Suzanne, the then Superior General of the Congregation (Franciscan Servants of Mary) to send some sisters to India, to his newly erected place of work, diocese of Salem.  Accepting the divine plan and trusting in God’s Providence, six young, energetic sisters, started their journey on November 4, 1934 from France to India. 

On November 29, 1934 the pioneers set foot on the holy soil of Krishnagiri.  Along with the parishioners, the parish priest, Rev. Fr. Harou M.E.P. welcomed the sisters whole heartedly.  The Bishop of Salem gave the sisters a plot of land and a building to start their mission, for this is the 1st house where our French missionary sisters began their work of mercy and education.  Small beginnings, greater heights, God’s plan for the FSM, unfolded like the mustard seed that grows in to a big tree spreading its branches.

The building was for ages old, so, need arose to replicate for the safety of the staying since it was ruining.  Thus great things were accomplished by the leading team of Sr. Reetha Paul the Superior General and councilors, Sr. Miriam the provincial and councilors, for it was their tireless effort and hard work that brought this beautiful house into existence after a long time of study, discussion and decision.

Pro: 24 : 3-4 says, ‘By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established, by knowledge the rooms are filled with precious and pleasant riches.  Yes dear friends, with grateful hearts we remember all the hands and minds involved to raise up this new house.  As the Lord lives, may everyone be rewarded for their good will.

May this home be a place of happiness and health, a place of contentment, generosity and wealth.  Let kindness and peace herein abide, let faith be our protection and guide.

Sisters of St. Clare’s, Convent,
Hospital Community,