New Foundation – Clare Nilaya at Sion, Bombay.

A Newer Note Is Inserted Into A Rhythmic Journey Of Life.

                  We are awakened at each new dawn with the whispering of affirmation and assurance of the unfathomable love of God. Enveloped with a mantle of God’s goodness we stand here to express our gratitude to God. Like the immaculate dew of the grass, sweet honey of the flowers, new sprouts of the plants we spell out our gratefulness.

                 “Go into the entire world and proclaim good news to all creation”. Harkening to the words of Jesus the province of Bangalore launches a new mission. The little plant of FSM exuberates and commemorates on this important event. This mission will be opened with a vision of reaching out to the marginalized women, youth and children in and around the Dharavi slum in Mumbai. Our sisters involve themselves in the educational social and pastoral welfare of the people in collaboration with the OFM fathers, at our Lady of good council church.

              Srs. Shanthi D’souza, Geetha D’souza and Angel Mary will be the pioneers of this new mission which is very much associated with our charism. Like St.Paul who says, ‘woe to me, if I preach not the Gospel ‘. There is much of yearning, churning and burning in the hearts of sisters to preach the Gospel as they move out to the new mission. St.Paul in Ephesians prayed for spiritual wisdom. We plead for abundance of wisdom for our sisters amid frustration and hardship, darkness and despair, tension and anxiety of their ministry.

             During this Eucharistic celebration we surrender you dear sisters in the presence of Jesus so that you may radiate His energy and enthusiasm in your activities among the people. May the Divine master be  

A flicker of hope when you sink down

A drop of strength in your weakness

A sparkle of trust in failure

A measure of courage in trouble

A vision of future to look ahead of time.

                    Dear sisters, May God who called you for these special mission places constantly accompany you shelter you and protect you with His shield of everlasting love.

 Let us together pray for Srs. Shanthi and Geetha and plead for flow of God’s graces on them that they may possess the mission of Solomon, divinity of Samuel, Endurance of Jacob in their new mission.